Growing your team and hiring an accountant is a total CEO move, and I can’t wait to work with you!

As you know by now, I'm a small business accountant that focuses on helping female entrepreneurs gain financial clarity and confidence. I understand that growing a business comes in phases and I'm here to support each of those phases.

If you are just starting out and trying to DIY it all, I offer a course that teaches you how to DIY the bookkeeping. If you're ready to outsource the taxes but not the accounting, I offer a la carte tax planning and preparation. And, if you're to the point where you want an accountant in your business full-time, I offer CFO packages that take everything off your plate. I'm talking the works! Bookkeeping, payroll, entity formation, tax planning, tax preparation, and advisory services.

Take your business to the next level?

Hey Boss, are you ready to...

Get financial and coaching support, all in one

Consult a knowledgeable accountant whenever needed (my CFO clients have full-time Voxer support)

Never have to worry about getting hit with a surprise bill from the IRS

Save money by not over paying on taxes

Understand ROI (return on investment)

Know exactly what services bring in the most profits

Implement streamlined accounting processes

Suddenly have more time to focus on client work

Imagine if you could....

Did you know what you were signing up for when you started your own business? By that I mean... did you know you were signing up to become an accountant?! I bet you didn't. And I'm sure it's all a little overwhelming. But guess what?! We're about to fix that. I have an abundance of resources all ready to help you step into the role of CEO and own those numbers!

Do  It  Yourself

Do you feel confused about taxes? Always feeling like you're doing it wrong when it comes to the numbers in your business? You are not alone!

I don't want you to live in this world of uncertainty with your money making decisions any longer. And I certainly don't want this fear to hold you back any more.

I teamed up with my friend Ashley Waychoff to create CA$H Club - a space where Creatives, Action-takers, Side-hustlers, and Hobbyists come together to learn about business finances.


the cash club

Join the Club!

Time to Level Up!

During these hour long strategy calls we’ll discuss things from bookkeeping processes, Quickbooks Online, taxes, money mindset, and everything in between. We'll meet via video conference (zoom) so that we can screen share and dive into anything that's on your mind.

You’ll also receive a follow up email with notes, links, and other important info so that you don’t have to worry about note taking during the meeting - just sit back and learn!

1 HOUR : $297

Count Me In!

Intensives are the perfect time for you to pick my brain and get all your accounting questions answered in a low-cost, no commitment sort of way. We'll jump on a phone call so we can talk things through right then and you can walk away feeling the confidence that you need with your money.

15 MINUTES : $97

1:1 intensive

It doesn't get much better than FREE, does it?! Didn't think so. That's why I've taken my free Instagram trainings and compiled them into helpful resources. Best part is, when you download one of our resources, you'll be notified the next time we add something to our site. So it's not just one resource you are getting, it's whole slue of them! All designed to help you feel empowered and ready to tackle the money management!

P.S. - If you have a request for a resource, reach out to me! I'm always open to hearing new ideas of how I can better serve you and my community of talented entrepreneurs.



Take Me There!

Bookkeeping. Bootcamp. Two words that likely sound very underwhelming. But put them together and you get a super in-depth, digestible course that will walk you through how to get legally legit, the best methods for tracking income and expenses, what taxes you need to be paying, how much, and when. Plus so, so much more!

And the best part is, it's a hybrid course! That means while you will have videos and course work, you will also have accountability and support through weekly meetings. The weekly meetings are a time for you to pick my brain, implement, and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Spots are limited, so make sure you get on the waitlist ASAP!


bookkeeping bootcamp

Learn More!

As a small business owner, you are expected to wear many hats. You are the CEO, CFO, I.T. specialist, staff member, receptionist, janitor, and so much more. I believe your business will thrive when you have the ability to focus on what you do best: providing great services and products to customers. That is why I am here to alleviate the burden of financial management by doing what I do best: manage small business finances accurately and efficiently.

Accounting Packages

This monthly accounting package is great for the solopreneur who is leveling up to an entrepreneur. It includes all necessary basics such as monthly bookkeeping, reconciliations, payroll, semi-annual tax planning, and annual business tax preparation. On a monthly basis, you will receive a detailed report that includes data of revenue trends, profit margins, cash analytics, profit allocations, and additional insight into your business. W-2 and 1099 filings are included along with quarterly CFO meetings.


accounting manager

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If you’re looking for more than your basic accounting package, if you have goals, ambitions, and dreams you’re working toward, then the CFO package is for you! This monthly accounting package is our most popular service since it goes beyond compliance and includes financial coaching, planning, and accountability.

Not only do you receive everything listed in the accounting manager package, you also get monthly CFO meetings (hour long video conference sessions), full-time Voxer support, quarterly tax planning, and personalized financial planning. Plus, this plan includes your cloud accounting (QuickBooks Online) subscription fees. It really is an all inclusive package!


the cfo package

Say Yes to Success!

Weekly CFO meetings are perfect for businesses who are growing fast and/or for entrepreneurs who need a little extra accountability.

This package includes everything in the accounting manager and CFO packages, PLUS, you also get weekly hour-long CFO meetings and detailed cash flow forecasts. When you sign up for the weekly CFO package, you get the service of a full-time accountant, without the commitment or costs of adding another employee to your team.


weekly cfo package

Let's Do This Thing!

DIY is great - in fact, I have a whole section of my website dedicated to helping you DIY (scroll up to check it out). But, when it comes to taxes, it's time level up and outsource. Taxes are NOT where you want to be making rookie mistakes. Luckily, I specialize in small business accounting & taxes and I'm here to help you out! I know the ins and outs of tax law. I stay up to date with all relevant changes. I will help you maximize credits and increase your deductions. And, I LOVE taxes. Call me crazy, but I really do! So do me a favor and work with me, will ya? Because taxes are my jam.

Tax Services

It's no secret that taxes can be challenging. With the ever-changing tax code, even filing a simple return can leave you with more questions than answers. That’s where tax professionals come in handy! Let me help ease the stress by preparing and filing your federal, state, and local tax returns for you.

I prepare tax returns for both businesses and individuals located in areas all across the United States.

personal : STARTING AT $250
business : starting at $650

personal : STARTING AT $250   |   business : starting at $800

tax preparation

Sign Me Up!

Life is constantly changing and some of those changes (like accepting a raise, getting married, starting a business, buying a rental property, selling stock, etc.), have a direct effect on your tax return. The good news is, you don't have to wait until April to find out the repercussions of such changes. Tax planning is a strategic way to know ahead of time how to adjust for these changes.


tax planning

I'm Ready to Get Started!

We will review your needs and find the package that work best for you and your business.

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