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we aren't your typical accountants

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We're friendly, outgoing, communicative, thoughtful accountants that help entrepreneurs build confidence in their businesses through financial clarity and business coaching.


we want you to succeed


in business and in life

we are mentors, friends, and coaches

best part is,

Wild guess: you started a business because you found a way to monetize your craft. Once you got your business up and running, you quickly realized there are *so many* other parts of entrepreneurship than what you initially anticipated.

Did we guess right?? We may have heard that story a time or two but not to fret because this is where our team excels! We will take the finances off your plate so that you can have more time to serve your clients, build your business, and enjoy your beautiful life. 

In our spare time you can find us cheering our clients on, laughing alongside their Instagram stories, and sending them gifts just for the heck of it. We are all about building relationships because the more we get to know you, the better we can serve you. We take personalized advice to a whole different level here.


Dawn is kind, sweet, and she really looks out for your best interest. I have always thought of financial professionals in a certain way - usually in business suits and quite distant emotionally. It was so lovely to talk to Dawn in a way that felt so heart to heart! She was very honest in the ways that she could help me and what she thought I could do myself! I so appreciated how open she was and her guidance to point me in the right direction.


I cannot recommend Dawn Patton enough! I hired her to file my taxes for 2019, as it was my first year as a sole proprietor, and she blew me away! With this pandemic, I have has so many questions, and she has become a great resource for me! She not only answered my initial questions but she also eased my mind and fears during this time. She is AMAZING!!


I walked away with a very clear sense of my options in terms of tax prep and monthly reporting. She provided me with the re-assurance and the practical advice I needed to feel really confident about how I am handling cashflow now - and how I can handle it in the future as my business grows.

If you're an online entrepreneur and you're considering working with her, do it! She is really smart, intuitive, and knows her stuff!


Thank you SO much Dawn! This has been the easiest and most pain free tax experience ever! Thank you!!


Taking deep breaths. This legit has been the hardest part of the business. It 100% overwhelms me and that is why it is so unorganized and a mess. I don't understand it so I don't touch it. But Dawn, you are THE have made my life feel so much more organized....You have saved me! So glad I found you!


So So wonderful to have met you. The advice you gave me has been so fantastic and a relief off my worries. Thank you so much for allowing me to pick your brain and to get me started on so many aspects of my finances that I was unaware of. Looking forward to a great business relationship. Totally recommend, she knows her stuff.


Dawn Patton is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!


Clear, patient, knowledgeable and always happy to support. She has been a gift to the financial portion of my business that I'm beyond grateful. I without a doubt, recommend working with Dawn!


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