it’s lovely to meet you

it’s lovely to meet you

Hello, I'm Dawn Patton! An enrolled agent who loves laughing and eating my way through new places. I was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and while I still consider it my home, I’ve also enjoyed my time living in New York, Idaho, and now, Utah.

I started this business because I didn’t agree with how typical accountants run their businesses. You know how they do the work and then give it back to the client just like that? Without any explanation or insight given? You entrepreneurs have enough on your plate and suddenly you’re expected to learn how to interpret a profit and loss statement, know when to make an Scorp election, prepare and file taxes, and everything else accountants do in their 80 hour work weeks. No thank you! There had to be a better, more efficient way.

Ta-da! The idea of a small business CFO was brought to life.

I call myself a CFO (chief financial officer) because in the corporate world, the CFO presents data and information to the CEO so that they can make better, more informed decisions. And yes girl, You. Are. A. CEO! And I’m here to empower you by not just taking the accounting and taxes off your plate, but also by helping you set goals and make strategic plans so that you can keep showing up for your clients and chasing your dreams unapologetically.

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