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Bookkeeping bootcamp

Did you know what you were signing up for when you started your own business?

By that I mean... did you know you were signing up to become an accountant?!

I bet you didn't. And I'm sure it's all a little overwhelming. But guess what?! We're about to fix that.

You see, I created a 6 week bootcamp that will walk you through how to get legally legit, the best methods for tracking income and expenses, what taxes you need to be paying, how much, and when. Plus so, so much more. And the best part is, because it's bootcamp style, you and I will be meeting weekly with a small group of entrepreneurs who are all in your same boat. Talk about built in mastermind!

You will have videos and course work, but you will also have me 24/7 answering ALL your questions. I want to make sure this program is as digestible as possible so that you can walk away feeling CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED and READY FOR SUCCESS!

So what are you waiting for?!

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