Empowering  Your  Business

You need to hire an accountant.  Yes you, small business owner! Even if you think your business isn’t big enough yet. That you’re not qualified for it. That you don’t earn enough. These are the people that need this investment the MOST. While having misconceptions is normal, we’d like to clear them up for you. […]

If you think you don’t need an accountant, think again

🎶 We like big books and we cannot lie! 🎶 Okay okay enough word play. It’s time to get serious. We’ve mentioned before and probably will again and again, how important it is for us to build a strong and connected team. One of the ways that we have successfully managed to do this is […]

Book Clubs: A Novel Idea

We love accounting and could talk about it ALL day but…we know not everybody feels the same way. Today, we want to talk about something that we believe every business owner should know and do. What is it? Monthly bank reconciliations. But first, what does that even mean? Reconciling an account means you’re making sure […]

Ask an Accountant: What is reconciliation?

small business filing taxes

The thing about the US tax system is, it has a lot of flaws. We are HUGE advocates for our clients and make it our job to know all the loopholes of taxes. The power of tax extensions is one of those loopholes. Did you know that extensions actually reduce your audit risk?? And did […]

To Extend or Not to Extend

There are a lot of terms and abbreviations that come up when you’re filing your taxes. Honestly, sometimes it feels like a foreign language. We don’t have to search your Google history to know you’re looking up every one of them. Sorry to call you out like that! But it’s ok…we want to teach you […]

All You Need to Know About AGI

Girl seeing her instagram hacked

It’s every entrepreneur’s nightmare. Even just seeing others go through it sends feelings of pity, fear, and good ol’ anxiety running through you. We don’t wish it on ANYONE. If getting hacked  is a big fear of yours, you’re 1,000% not alone. After it happened to us, we got a FLOOD of emails, texts, calls, […]

We got hacked! Here’s what we learned from it…

Team discussing small business finances and returns

“Surprise!” -the IRS Ok maybe this wasn’t exactly a surprise to most people but it might have been for you. But don’t worry this isn’t a scary IRS surprise. It’s just an extra step and it’s TOTALLY doable. In fact, you can do it right here, right now.  First things first, what are we even […]

What the heck is the BOIR?

End of the year finances can really trip people up. Often we think, “I’ll just wait til January to make any changes” Or I don’t need to worry about taxes ’til at LEAST February. Well, the truth is…there are a lot of things we can and should do in December. But don’t worry, we’ve made […]

Trees, Tinsel, and Taxes?? End of Year Tax Prep

Have you ever heard the saying, “Til taxes do us part” or “Marriage is what brings us together today, and taxes are what drive us apart”? Well, we’re here to put those sayings to bed once and for all. Business Insider reached out to Dawn and asked her for her best newlywed tax advice. Here […]

A Newlyweds’ Guide to Taxes

In an ideal world, we don’t have taxes. In an ideal world with taxes we at least get them filed on time. But ideal isn’t always realistic. Life happens, we get caught up doing other things, and next thing you know April is here and taxes are due. So what happens when April comes knocking […]

Everything You Need to Know About Filing for an Extension