Book Clubs: A Novel Idea

🎶 We like big books and we cannot lie! 🎶

Okay okay enough word play. It’s time to get serious. We’ve mentioned before and probably will again and again, how important it is for us to build a strong and connected team. One of the ways that we have successfully managed to do this is via book clubs. In this article we’ll teach you how to implement this simple practice into your teams, share some of our favorite books, and list the benefits. On to the next chapter! (hehe)

Implementing a Book Club. 

The first step is…getting started! Here’s how we run ours but obvs you need to do whatever feels right to you and your team!

Our book clubs are once per quarter – once every six months. Frequently enough to spark learning but not so frequent enough where we start going through the motions without being intentional about it. We’ve found this timeline provides sufficient time for everyone to obtain the book, read it, and marinate on their thoughts. 

We do not make book club mandatory, however, we do offer a bonus for team members who read the book and participate in the live discussion. A little cash incentive goes a long way in this team building exercise.

The reason for not making it mandatory is that forced bonding isn’t really bonding. It’s just another meeting. We wanted people to come because they wanted to! The money is just a little incentive to get more participation. (We’re all motivated by money…don’t lie) Plus, what they’re learning is beneficial to their job and they deserve to be compensated for that. A book and cash incentive is also way cheaper than your typical course, program, or training so it’s a cost savings in our book! (literally) 

Here at Patton Accounting and Tax, we have a leadership team, a tax team, an accounting team, and a marketing team. It takes time to find a book that benefits each of those very different departments but once we do, it reminds them just how connected they really all are…just like magic! I.E. A Social Media Manager might realize that her Tax Preparer Coworker also has the same financial goals. Or a manager may realize that their report also struggles with body image. Now, they have something to talk about on a human level, not just a work level.

Our Favorites 

Like we said, it’s difficult to find a book we can all relate to but when we do it’s magical. Some of our favorites have included “You’re a Badass at Making Money”, “Profit First”, “The Making of a Manager”, and the Netflix series “How to get Rich”. Each one has its own way of reaching the very numbers-oriented tax and accounting teams, the leadership-driven management team, and the creative marketing team. 

When we pick a book, we ask ourselves the following: 

Will people want to read it?

Will it perpetuate our company culture? 

Can my employees apply what they learn to their personal and professional lives? 

Will it help us serve our clients better? 

These questions help us feel confident in our choices! 


We’ve kinda already hinted at it, but let us drive this point home. A company-wide book club has helped our team to see how their work relates to their personal lives. Unsurprisingly, the best practices in the office are also the best practices at home. 

They also realize how similar they are to our clientele. No longer do they view it as an us/them thing. Now, they see the common ground that helps them serve our customers as friends. 

We’ve strengthened our bonds with each other. Books are powerful. They evoke emotions and help you explore your own memories and biases. These conversations can be incredibly powerful when shared as a team. Don’t shy away from an opportunity to reach your teammates on a deeper level. Do 👏 the 👏 book 👏 club. 

In short, we encourage you to try it out! Even if you’re a solopreneur and your team is just you, books are important! So don’t shy away from intentional, helpful reading. You get to set the rules and decide if it’s just a one time thing or reoccurring, how often you do it, what you read, etc. It can’t hurt to give it a go! Plus if you ever wanna chat about our favorites…reach out! We could talk about this aaaaall day!

Have fun, bookworm!

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