Small Business Grants (Part 2)

You may feel anxious not knowing what the future holds for your small business and what all the ramifications of COVID-19 will be. Trust me, I get it. I want to help by providing you with helpful information and through that… some hope!

I did a lot of research a few months ago and was able to find some really great resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses that have been effected by the current pandemic. I really hope that you take advantage of them! And if you haven’t read Part One yet, it’s definitely worth the read because most of the ones I mentioned there still have funding available! So hurry and apply!

As everything with the coronavirus has continued, I’ve done my best to keep looking for additional funding opportunities geared towards helping small businesses. I’m happy to say that there are a TON of resources for you! Inserts happy dance

This post isn’t as in depth as my previous one I mentioned above because I don’t want you to have to read and sort through an entire novel. I thought some direct links and a summary would be the more effective way for you to quickly see which ones you are interested in. This way it’s even easier for you to get to applying and getting your business some additional funding!

So bookmark this post, save it somewhere and check back regularly because I will be continuing to update the list as I come across more.

Financial Opportunities

SBA Economic Injury and Disaster Loans and Advances – Just opened up a new round of applications on June 15th!

SBA Paycheck Protection Program – helps businesses keep their employees on payroll.

SBA Community Advantage Loan Program – small business assistance.

Kiva US Small Business Loans – Offers 0% interest microloans up to $15,000 with no payment for 6 months.

Opportunity Fund Small Business Relief Fund – Assistance for eligible small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis- especially those run by women, people of color and immigrants.

Asian Americans for Equality – Partnering with Renaissance Economic Development Corporation they are providing emergency small business relief loans (up to $50,000 each).

Intuit Aid Assist – Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation – Direct assistance for restaurant workers.

Stackfolio – Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Emergency Loan Checklist – Small Business guide for PPP loans.

Honeycomb – Crowd funded small business relief loans.

Amazon – Small business relief grants.

Amber Grants For Women – Hurry! The next round of applications closes on June 20, 2020!

NASE Grants – The National Association for the Self Employed is offering grants of $4,000 each!

Street Shares Foundation – A grant program for military veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs.

Urban Excellence Community Grant – Applications are due on the 15th of every month!

Halstead Grant – Applications close on August 1, 2020!

Eileen Fisher Grant – Supporting women in non-profit organizations. This round has closed but they will be opening another round so keep an eye on it!

Freelancers Relief Fund – Applications are temporarily closed, but you can sign up to be updated when they open again!

WeFunder – Offering loans and support for you to raise money for your business. They also have a tool you can use to nominate a small business you know that needs extra help at this time!

Salesforce – $10,000 business grants available.

HoneyBook – Small Business Relief resources broken down by state.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation – A compiled list of programs that offer financial assistance to small businesses. Broken down by State-by-State programs and Multi-State programs.

Shopify – A list of government programs available in countries around the world.

Thread Capital – Rapid Recovery Loans for small businesses.

Bumble – Small business grants up to $5,000 each, open in 11 countries.


Along with all of the resources I listed above, there are some really amazing databases out there that have literally HUNDREDS more listed! (You’re welcome for not making this post a thousand links long and just giving you the direct ones to those databases). I would suggest clearing an afternoon or two and looking them over. Some gems can definitely be found, it just might take a little digging and some work on your end! Here are some of the best databases I found:

CovidCap – Talk about comprehensive! There are about 750 opportunities listed here, totaling over $1 TRILLION of Covid-relief resources!! Plus they’ve made it really easy to search by geographical location, type of funding, etc. Definitely worth your time to look into!

AirTable Information, Lists and Funds – 270 additional resources listed here!

COVID- 19 Relief Resources – We’re talking a MASSIVE Google Doc here with 725 more resources listed!


I want to see your business not only survive during this hard time, but truly succeed! Please take advantage of these resources and let me know if I can help you by preparing any financial statements for you.

I also have a FREE E-BOOK I created just for you! Your Guide to the CARES ACT is literally packed with tons of helpful, easy to interpret information! Download it now and start learning how it all applies to you!

I hope you find this helpful! Please share it with others who you feel will benefit. We’re all in this together! And if you know of some not mentioned here, would you do me a favor and let me know? Thanks!